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Could Montessori be the answer to a better workplace? | Sophie Bryan | TEDxFolkestone

In this talk, Organisational and Cultural Development Specialist, Sophie Bryan, makes a case for why and how the traditional workplace needs to modernise. She merges her experience of workplace culture, with her knowledge and personal passion for the Montessori form of education to give examples of what the new workplace should include. She asks, could […]

Infidelity: to stay or go…? | Lucy Beresford | TEDxFolkestone

We assume that ending a relationship after betrayal is the best course of action. Yet relationship expert and broadcaster Lucy Beresford passionately argues that the more courageous option is to stay and rebuild that relationship. Drawing from her work with clients (details changed for confidentiality) and from celebrity culture (the rapper Jay-Z spoke publicly about […]

Empowerment of Social Media | Jakub Borowy | TEDxYouth@CopernicusNo33

Social media has turned from a popular way of wasting time to the most powerful weapon in business. Unlikely it may sound, it can be great news for customers and entrepreneurs- but only if used properly. How to achieve that? Find out in Jakub’s talk! I’m the student of 33 Bilingual High School in Warsaw. […]

Cross The Ocean or Cross The Street | Holly Richardson | TEDxLehi

Holly and her husband have a family with 25 children! Her life long goal to be a mother drove her across the ocean to adopt and serve many children. Learn how to serve in your community from someone who could re-write the definition of service. Holly Richardson is a wife, mother, speaker, writer, humanitarian, lover […]

Da Giallozafferano alla Sonia Factory | Sonia Peronaci | TEDxSalerno

Sonia Peronaci: nata e cresciuta a Milano, anno 1967, è figlia di un ristoratore calabrese, ma ha origini austriache per parte di nonna Ottilia, con cui è cresciuta tra forno e fornelli, e ha vissuto a lungo in Alto Adige, terra di origine da parte della mamma. Nella cucina del padre, si è cimentata con […]

Begin With Yourself | Hania Aamer | TEDxOldSconaAcademic

We live in a world where our perspectives are impacted by our social surroundings and media. This talk reflects on the importance of beginning with oneself to find purpose and positivity in life. Hania is entering her 3rd year of a Bachelors of Science at the University of Alberta. She graduated from Old Scona Academic […]

Sistemas matemáticos y monos: la paradoja de los seres humanos | Gabriel Ramos | TEDxMexicoCitySalon

Gabriel Ramos-Fernández es doctor en Biología (UNAM/IPN) quien conectará el apasionante mundo de los primates (monos araña) con la evolución del pensamiento humano y nuestra forma de relacionarnos a través de modelos matemáticos. Gabriel Ramos es doctor en Biología (UNAM/IPN) quien conectará el apasionante mundo de los primates (monos araña) con la evolución del pensamiento […]

Inclusão, diversidade e as fronteiras do preconceito | Filipe Roloff | TEDxUnisinos

PT BR – Aos 28 anos, por meio de seu trabalho com diversidade e inclusão LGBT, Filipe Roloff constrói pontes no mundo corporativo. Em 2017, integrou a lista dos 50 futuros líderes LGBT do mundo, publicada pelo jornal britânico Financial Times, e ficou entre os 100 finalistas do concurso RAHM, que reconhece os novos líderes […]

Merecemos un mejor internet | Marito Pino | TEDxPalmitas

Marito Pino en esta charla habla sobre lo queporque nos cuesta tanto trabajo decirle a las personas que nos queremos mucho y ahora nos gusta mas hablar por redes sociales, porque queremos compartir todo con extraños y porque hemos dejado de compartir bellos momento con las personas a nuestro alrededor, hoy en día vivimos en […]

Travelling the world | Sal Lavallo | TEDxTKMCE

Sal Lavallo is no normal finance professional. At 27, he has travelled around the globe touching upon every one of the 193 countries recognized by the UN. At TEDxTKMCE, he talks about the experiences while travelling the globe and connecting with people. He emphasises the need to share humanity and how travelling has helped him […]