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The Reality Of Reaching Your Goal | Ade Hassan | TEDxPeckham

Ade shares her inspirational story of how she brought a truly innovative product, Nubian Skin, to the mainstream market. Founder and Creator of Nubian Skin. Ade was recently awarded by the Queen for her services to fashion in recognition of her commitment to redefining nude. Ade has brought a truly innovative product to the marker, […]

Da Giallozafferano alla Sonia Factory | Sonia Peronaci | TEDxSalerno

Sonia Peronaci: nata e cresciuta a Milano, anno 1967, è figlia di un ristoratore calabrese, ma ha origini austriache per parte di nonna Ottilia, con cui è cresciuta tra forno e fornelli, e ha vissuto a lungo in Alto Adige, terra di origine da parte della mamma. Nella cucina del padre, si è cimentata con […]

Realidades y sarcasmos de la educación en salud. | Samuel Pérez | TEDxDezaYUlloaED

Con mas de 2,000 pacientes atendidos en el sector clínico, Samuel nos comparte lo que para el es un factor determinante y por explotar en el actual panorama de la salud publica en México, empoderando el trabajo correcto en conjunto de las múltiples disciplinas de la salud, así como las área de oportunidad en el […]

Believe and Achieve | Elvis Anoma Amoabing | TEDxYouth@Harlow

Elvis explains why everyone should aim high. He encourages more young people from Harlow to apply to Oxbridge. Elvis has lived in the UK for the last five years. He spent two years at sixth form in Harlow before taking two gap years. He now studies at the University of Oxford. This talk was given […]

Begin With Yourself | Hania Aamer | TEDxOldSconaAcademic

We live in a world where our perspectives are impacted by our social surroundings and media. This talk reflects on the importance of beginning with oneself to find purpose and positivity in life. Hania is entering her 3rd year of a Bachelors of Science at the University of Alberta. She graduated from Old Scona Academic […]

The evolution of universities: Ivory tower to economic engine | Cather Simpson | TEDxAuckland

The increasing desire for students to find commercial success upon graduation has led universities to priorities this over teaching a ‘philosophy of life’. Cather Simpson explores how this became the focus of universities, and discusses her own evolution as a professor. Once believing the purpose of universities was to generate learning and provide students with […]

Como el speedcubing cambió mi vida | Ricardo Gandara | TEDxAvDivDelNorte

Más de 4 años en el mundo del speedcubing (la actividad de armar un cubo de rubik en el menor tiempo posible), aplicó entre los 5 mejores de Chihuahua en la categoría 3×3. Ha participado en más de 15 torneos, quedando siempre en los primeros lugares. Además es técnico electrónico y estudiante de ingeniería en […]


She is interested in making connections with people, cultures and ideas, and a community or an atmosphere where new values and inspirations are created. She shares her experience of how she became interested in taking selfies and travelling the world, and how she became confident in herself. Known as a junior at International Christian University […]

The next stage for food | Sam Owen | TEDxBrayfordPool

Chef and entrepreneur talks about the future of food and the rise of plant based diets. Entrepreneur Sam Owen started salted orange food company in 2014 specialising in weddings and outside events in the years that followed his since they opened three new companies as well as maintaining an ever-growing Salted Orange Food Co. with […]

Ending the Pursuit of Perfection | Lilly Dolloff | TEDxHarwoodUnionHighSchool

Lilly Dolloff is a happy, healthy, beautiful teenage girl, but just a few years ago she was struggling with her confidence and body image, resulting in an eating disorder. She bravely told the audience her personal story about the challenges facing teenage girls today in their pursuit of the perfect modeling female body portrayed in […]