Creative Self Talk Because You Are Listening. | Divya Amarnath | TEDxTheOrchidSchool

Do I stand out by being myself? Or do I fit in, because it is expected of me? A big challenge of the millennial is deciding whose voice to listen to. Under constant judgement and pressure to fit in, Divya Amarnath will help us understand how you can decide and remain true to yourself. She will present to you, how you can make sure that the real “you”; is accepted, and that you can be an influence and shine in your own light. Divya Vikas Amarnath embraced the differing nuances of culture from her early years in India and Saudi Arabia while she started curiously experimenting with creative expression as a young child. Currently, she facilitates corporate learning in areas ranging from innovation through Design Thinking to impactful communication through Cross Cultural collaborations. Through her career spanning 17 years, traveling across continents, Divya has worked in various industries ranging from Hospitality to Education, Banking to Information Technology. She has been an evangelist of creating inclusive cultures for organization transformation. Author, speaker, dancer, researcher, facilitator, mother, Divya is passionate about stirring minds. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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