A critical review of the expansive works of Anthony Ray | Tracy Suter | TEDxUniversityofTulsa

Don’t be alarmed, but there’s a hidden creativity killer that’s probably lurking all around you. Luckily, Dr. Tracy Suter is here in this humorous talk to reveal what that creativity killer is— AND what you can do about it. Dr. Tracy A. Suter received his Ph.D in Marketing from the University of Arkansas. He joined The University of Tulsa as the first holder of the David and Leslie Lawson Chair in 2016. From 2001-16 he was a faculty member at Oklahoma State University. He has taught a variety of courses with most recent emphasis on Applied Creativity and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is co-author of two books, over 20 journal articles, over 80 presentations at regional, national, and international conferences, and over 100 individual and student-assisted consulting projects. He has received numerous awards and grants for both research and teaching activities including the University of Arkansas Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Sherwin-Williams Distinguished Teaching Competition Award at the Society for Marketing Advances. Additionally, Dr. Suter has been interviewed by ABC News, CNN, USA Today, and the Washington Post among others. He was also twice nominated by Apple, Inc. for the Apple Distinguished Educators Award. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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