Could Montessori be the answer to a better workplace? | Sophie Bryan | TEDxFolkestone

In this talk, Organisational and Cultural Development Specialist, Sophie Bryan, makes a case for why and how the traditional workplace needs to modernise. She merges her experience of workplace culture, with her knowledge and personal passion for the Montessori form of education to give examples of what the new workplace should include. She asks, could Montessori be the answer to a better workplace, by giving more freedom, being more curious and playful?

In this talk, you will learn more about the current state of the British work culture, take a whistle-stop tour in understanding what Montessori education is, and how we can create more engaged, productive and happier workplaces by using some of the key elements of this style of learning.

The talk also invites you to consider not only the changes that could be made to the workplace, but also that of the way we parent and educate. Could we learn from Montessori in all aspects of our lives?

Sophie is the Managing Director and Chief Workplace Culture Specialist at Ordinarily Different Ltd, a company she created to help organisations “put the WOW into work”, through consultancy, workshops, speaking at conferences and training. Her work in HR, Learning and Development and Culture Transformation, spans over 16 years, with numerous awards and accolades for her work, including the Personnel Today Award for Excellence in Employee Engagement. Finding Montessori when her daughter was a baby, Sophie continues to study and pursue a personal interest in Montessori education, as well as raising awareness of this form of education, believing that there is much we can learn as parents, in the education system and the workplace from Montessori.

For more information, visit, or you can find Sophie and Ordinarily Different on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Sophie believes that work can bring freedom, expression, creativity and innovation, with huge benefits to the business. An experienced HR professional, she has been a finalist of the Personnel Today Award 2014 for Excellence in Learning and Development, and winner in 2015 for Excellence in Employee Engagement. She has created and delivered some interesting, innovative learning and development interventions, and is dedicated to helping to change workplace culture and helping organisations improve employee engagement.

Sophie wants to make change happen in the workplace, changing the shape of leadership. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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